Marc van Gale

Marc van Gale

Marco Töpfer, better known as Marc van Gale, was born in 1986. Since his early years Marc was charmed by music and it didn't take long until he discovered his passion for electronic dance music. He got his first DJ gear at the young age of 11 and started his dj career 5 years later under the alias DJ4T.

Marc was quickly developing his own sound in his favorite genre 'Trance' until 2004. In the same year he had an appearance on German danceradio Sunshine Live and afterwards he focused on dedicating to what he's most passionate about: music. So, this was the kickoff and way up of his career playing lots of gigs at different locations around the globe together with artists like Talla 2XLC, Niels van Gogh, Melanie di Tria, Nathalie de Borah and many many more. Marc's popularity has been on a fantastic rise hosting a successful radioshow aired on several great radio stations, reaching the 314th place at the popular 'The DJ List' and getting a special award from the DJ Mag and TrackItDown DJ Top 100 voting poll.

In 2011 he had his first releases under the alias Marc van Gale. A rework of Armin van Buuren's classic track 'Serenity', the single 'Far Away' and others were released and are already being supported by top artists like Giuseppe Ottaviani, Daniel Kandi, Pedro Del Mar and many more.

Fastly growing as an integral artist and always looking forward to deliver top notch Trance music Marc's tracks and mixes are set to rock dancefloors all around the globe. Watch out, you might find yourself listening to some of them in clubs, on festivals or radio stations soon!

  • Labels Newstyle Perspective
  • A Tribute To Life
  • Black Hole
  • Coldharbour
  • Country Germany
  • Gigs Industrial Park, Ostrava
  • (Selection) Kesselhaus, Augsburg
  • Mynt/Yello, Belfast
  • Touster Night Club, Prague
  • Releases Loco In Acapulco
  • (Selection) Raw
  • Phoenix
  • ID 3.0
  • Social

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