Marco Cera

Marco Cera

Marco's interest in music already began in the nursery; grown up in the late 80s and early 90s he's always been looking for new melodies, groovy beats and sweeping rhythms. In the middle of the 90s he found a musical genre that fits very well: Trance music.

Marco very early had the wish to play this kind of music in front of people just to show them that there's much more outside than just Pop, Rock or House music; so he began to learn DJing in a youth club back in 1999. Two years later he was allowed to show his skills in front of 1.000 people at a local discotheque because he was learning very fast and had a very unique taste of music and style of mixing tracks together. A lot of people were very thankful that someone finally wasn't playing only the standard you could hear every single day on the radio but playing unknown tracks and remixes of well known tracks. Marco always had the right track at the right time, mixing House with Trance and Techno all in one set; that's his whole life and he's never wanting to change that.

In 2005 Marco was looking for a DJ and producer name because he started producing on his laptop whilst spending his holidays on Ibiza. The idea for 'mar she' was born very fast and it didn't take long until he reached his first goals. In 2007 and 2008 he won several prices at 2 DJ contests on Paul van Dyk's very own 'Vonyc radio'. His sets were played at the 'Reticent Mix Session' and at the 'DJ Mag Mix Competition Week'. But as it wasn't enough gigs with big names like Kyau & Albert, Talla 2XLC, Stoneface & Terminal, Ronski Speed, Cosmic Gate, Sander van Doorn, Markus Schulz, Neelix or even Paul van Dyk followed!

At the end of 2016 Marco changed his artist name from 'mar she' to 'Marco Cera' and started producing again. The first track was a collaboration with Alan Morris which had great success on Armin van Buuren’s very own imprint A State Of Trance. Although more collaborations with his mate are already scheduled you’ll probably hear some originals from Marco aswell!
So, watch out for this great artist and manager in the coming years! You don't wanna miss the paths of his career!

  • Labels Transistic
  • (selection) ASOT
  • Red Soho
  • Country Germany
  • Gigs AP Club, Zhongshan
  • (selection) Bootshaus, Cologne
  • Kraftwerk Mitte, Dresden
  • Jilska22, Prague
  • TUSA club, Wroclaw
  • Releases Tears Of The Sun
  • (selection) Carbonate
  • Balloon
  • Orion
  • Social

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